Librarians with spine

Edited by Yago S. Cura & Max Macias

Librarians with spine

"Librarians with Spines is both ahead of its time and has been a long time coming. It defines a new era of librarianship and calls us to look at how the LIS profession, pedagogy and philosophy and its relation to our changing social and political climate, yield an urgency for transformation. It is for both those of us who serve and belong to emerging and marginalized communities and others who are called to be part of this movement. Cura and Macias put their money where their mouth is, challenging long-existing ideals and doing it with graceful grit. The selected works in Librarians with Spines implore us and inspire us to be librarians with heart, librarians with courage, and librarians with conscience.” -Lorena

“It is a book all LIS educators and administrators need to read now. The editors and author contributors show us by direct action what critical librarianship is. At the heart of the book is an ethics of care and self-care, an ethics born out of critical stances positioned in examining our rich intersectionalities and inter-being as people of color and allies. Librarians With Spines is a call to action that asks us to reflect on our intentionality as information professionals. It challenges librarians to proudly uphold and carry forward our duty to serve our communities in our daily work.” -Lettycia Terrones, Bilingual Outreach Librarian

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