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Become a Reader

To become a reader of our Library is very easy:

  1.         Bring your passport or other personal identification document, in which there is a photo, your personal identification code and signature;
  2.         Come to the library at Trakų g. 10, Vilnius;
  3.         Provide the data necessary to complete the reader (patron) registration form;
  4.         Reader card is free.

The fees for the duplicate:

  • Upon submission of justifiable dovcuments - free of charge
  • For children and schoolchildren (without justifiable documents) – 1,00 eur.
  • For those 16 and older (without justifiable documents) – 2,00 eur.
  • For secondory school students, retired (up to 70), disabled and personal card readers – 1,00 eur.
  • For those 70 or older – free of charge.