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ERASMUS+ accreditation

Vilnius County Adomas Mickevičius Public Library is located in the very heart of the Lithuanian capital, in the former Joseph and Sophia Tiškevičiai (Tyszkiewicz) palace, dating back to the 15th-16th centuries. Vilnius County Adomas Mickevičius Public Library serves as the methodological centre for the public libraries of 13 Municipalities in Vilnius region. Main activities of the Library include professional assistance to the librarians (consultations, training, research and analysis), cooperation with the libraries in Vilnius region, joint educational and project activities, common events. The Library provides informational and cultural services to the residents of Vilnius region, assembles valuable local core collections. Library also follows the principles of “Declaration of Sustainability” and seeks ways to share sustainable ideas within its community. Each year, the library organizes seasonal exchange fairs, sustainability afternoons and training sessions for specialists from libraries in Vilnius region.

Since February, 2024 library has been granted the ERASMUS+ accreditation in Adult Education and aims to strengthen general and professional competences of public library specialists in the Vilnius region implementing adult education programs based on mobility activities. Library is a coordinator of a consortium with 13 partners (Municipal public libraries in Vilnius region). We are seeking organizations that provide formal or informal adult education and operate in fields such as libraries, museums, NGO’s, adult education centres and etc. and are willing to serve as our hosting partners in 2024 m.

We expect to gain experience that would form the adult education strategy in Vilnius Region’s libraries. We hope that our colleagues will cooperate in creating common training programs, will strengthen their managerial, information management, modern media literacy, innovative modern services and tools development competencies. We have a purpose of implementing new innovative educational programs for different groups of library users – families, disabled people, persons of social exclusion and different forms of work – remote/direct/hybrid.

The most important fields of interest are ICT competences, language learning, sustainability in a library, educational activities, the strategy of a modern library, etc. We can also share our experience in the mentioned areas. We can also be your hosting organization as well, we have experience in this field. We are also ready for partnership in various projects.


 Contact person: Žydrūnė Tichanavičienė, Head of the Regional Methodology and Management department, [email protected]